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Owned by Thomas Stillwell

Purpose: pharmaceutical conception and distribution

Currently in collaboration with C.A.G.E. working on “Super soldier” creation, the company has be up and running since the early sixties and slowly has grown to be the number one pharmaceutical company in the U.S. 

Jane: character design 

Jane: character design 

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Drown: character design 

Drown: character design 

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Setting: Martinville 

Location: along Mississippi river

Purpose: Trade route, tourist attraction

Population: 548 

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"Oh? I wouldn’t be, if I were you. You’re a bright girl—lord knows I wouldn’t mess with you!" he spoke softly, true, honest encouragement in his voice.

"You haven’t seen me fight since I was in the third grade.."


"How can you tell? There’s no real proof of my capabilities.

"it was a boy you fought, he was a little top heavy though, maybe that’s why you won?"


"Truth is, Jane, I don’t need to know what you’re good at, how fast you can run a mile—hell, I don’t even need to know your weight class, fight records. They mean nothing to me, got it? All that matters is you show me what you can do. Those statistics are worthless.”

The woman blinked as he spoke, confusion flashing across her expression before being replaced with something of happiness. All the schools that had tested her, the records they kept, the statistics they analyzed… meant nothing? He would choose who he saw fit, grades meant nothing..

Something about that calmed her, made a heavy layer of ease settle across her being. Suppose she could do it?

"—That and Photocom Laboratories will be choosing two soldiers at the end of the month, me being one of them. You got a chance, kid. Show me what you can do."

"You don’t talk much, do you, Jane?"

"Well—no, I guess not.."

"Is it just me, or are you always this charming?"

"More or less. Does it matter?"

Drown laughed once more, bringing his hand up in defense at her words. “Not at all, dear heart. Just tryin’ to be friendly,” he paused, dropping the smile as his tone became a little more serious. “how ya feelin’ about tomorrow? First day as a new recruit.”

Jane almost wished he wouldn’t bring it up, though it was a difficult topic to avoid with your soon-to-be captain. Being a soldier of C.A.G.E. was almost considered an honor, to protect you country, to be working at the capital.

There was still the typical military, sure, you couldn’t quite replace it. But around ten years ago, a man named Spencer Brand, along with the capital had but the C.A.G.E. program into effect. It was simple enough, specially trained soldiers in an elite group. They were fighters, yes, but they went after the country’s trash. And they were good at it too, nearly unstoppable once a target had been appointed.

The operation started out small, ten soldiers. And over time it became larger..



Soon hundreds, thousands applied. Though only a handful would ever get in, so.. She supposed it would be best to stay on Drown’s good side. He chose who made it through, not to mention he was the only true C.A.G.E. officer within a hundred miles.

"…—Nervous, sir."

"Settling in well?" He hummed, grinning brightly down at her, casting a quick glance around what he could see of her new home.

Drown, or at least that’s what she knew his name to be—though part of her doubted that anyone around here would’ve named their child that. Maybe he changed it when he got older? But what was the point of that?!—he was the captain of team Alpha, those that planned on being C.A.G.E.’s soldiers. Basically he trained the new recruits that were sent down to their pleasant little town for training. The best of the best, his title was impressive for his age, she would give him that—but word on the street wast was just that. A title. So they said, Drown didn’t have much to him, not an impressive academic career—a bit of a slacker. Still, she supposed she would have to show him some respect.

"Uh-yeah, I suppose so.." she grumbled, letting out a soft breath and blowing her hair out of her eyes to see him more clearly. A warm, simply smile graced his features, followed by a shallow nod. Part of her really wondered what he was, if he was what they said he was—or if he was what she knew him to be, a nobody. What could the captain be hiding behind his simple-minded facade.

"Radical," he chuckled, "mind if I come in?"

Before he had even fully finished his request, Jane had shuffled out of the way to let the man in. It was odd to see him now—part of her recalled that she had seen him back when he was a child. Sure, she was awfully young, but she did remember the teenaged Drown wandering about the woods, by himself. She never really got a good look, back then. She would only catch his gaze from a distance from time to time, but they never really spoke. The feeling of him being so close was alien, for once he actually seemed human

"You’ve grown since the last time I saw you!—Hard to believe how long ago that was, ain’t it?" He called, shrugging off his jacket as he glanced around the boxes once more. The officer stuffed his hands into his pockets, glancing at her over his shoulder and offering a quick smirk. A slow nod was all she could reward him with, clearing her throat awkwardly. She should probably say something…—it was getting uncomfortable fast.

"Uhh…—yeah, I guess." she replied, not chancing their eyes locking, staring down at the ground.

Chapter one

When she had first stepped foot in her soon-to-be home, Jane had realized two things. One, that green stairs really didn’t fit when the rest of the walls were blue, and that maybe it was time to grow up. She could handle it, she was an officer now so there really was no reason for her to still jump at shadows, and scream at unmade noises in empty houses. Mom and dad had moved north, it was time to handle things by herself—to grow up.

Let’s be real, here, her first day was coming up. She knew the town like the back of her hand—come on! What was there really to be afraid of? Other than boogey men, bills she probably couldn’t pay—being twenty-six and dying all alone and having no on notice until the smell seeped out into the air…

But still, if she was going to enforce the laws of this country, then she’ll have to get over irrational fears. Neighborhood was fine—but then again there really wasn’t much crime at all in town… but one day when there is a serious issue she’ll be ready!

She tossed boxes upon boxes, letting out a sigh of relief as she slumped against the wall. She slid down it, coming to rest on the cool hardwood beneath her, her head coming to rest against the wall with a soft thud. Unpacking wasn’t honestly that hard, even without help she should be done before the end of the day. It’s not like she had much to unpack anyway, she had been living with her parents up to this point. Don’t judge, if you had been spending your entire day training to be a police officer and the rest of it blogging about why it was stupid, you wouldn’t have time to move out either. Still, finally being away from her family was nice, in its own way. She could do whatever she wanted here, really. No restrictions on how late you could be playing music and no one to tell you how much ice cream you could eat—

A knock on the door startled her from her thoughts, causing the woman to jump and let out a soft squeak. A fake groan escaped her as she rose back to her feet, pulling her hair back from her face as she stumbled to the door.

She fumbled with the doorknob, unlocking it before throwing it open.

Jane narrowed her eyes at the man before her, craning her neck to look up at him—this was her neighbor, right? He stayed silent for a moment, smiling down at her simply before clearing his throat. Wait… superior officer, wasn’t that the captain?

Name: (unknown)

Alias: Shame 

Height: 5’6” 

Age: 16

Bio: Not much is known about the boy, all that they have records on was that he was to be the first prototype of C.A.G.E.’s new super soldier.

Ability: Telekinesis  

Role: The Game Changer

Name: Jane Stepford

Age: 26

Occupation: Police officer

Height: 5’3” 

Bio: There’s not much to Jane, she was born and raised down south, moved up along the Mississippi when she was 18.  When she’s not at work she is on the internet—and before you even ask, yes she is a blogger. Her neighbor is Drown, and she is one of the two chosen to be sent into the city for “Training” 

Role: The Queen